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iNode LAN allows the existence of BLE devices (Bluetooth Smart, IoT-Internet of Things) in the IP protocol networks: LAN, Wi-Fi and the Internet. Using the iNode LAN you can for example extend the range of the sensors iNode Care Sensor in the building (unique technology transmit packets from the LAN to the BLE - BLE over UDP) or keep track of on-line location of iNode Nav.  There is a iNode LAN Central firmware sending data in JSON format to MQTT server or HTPP/POST one. Web applications iNode Setup,iNode Monitor or  iNode MQTT Monitor give you remote access to the iNode sensors. Using simple HTML page with WebSocket technology and JavaScript you can easily in real time sniff and display BLE advertising packets content. You can modify the JavaScript and HTML code of this page. The same control features can be achieved using TCP/IP telnet.

screen inode__monitor

Technical info:

Radio parameters:

  • RX/TX:
    • BLE: 2402-2480 MHz
  • output power (maximum):
    • BLE: +8dBm
  • modulation:
    • BLE: GFSK
  • antenna:
    • PCB internal MIFA type, 1,6dBi (version micro USB or POE 802.3af)
    • SMA external RP SMA MALE type, 3dBi (version micro USB SMA lub POE 802.3af SMA)

Software options:

  • configurable from your PC:
    • BLE mode:  AUTO SCAN or REPEATER;
    • the BLE power with which the device operates from -18dBm to + 8dBm (maximum range up to 200 m in open space);
    • LAN settings: IP address (static or dynamic - DHCP), network mask, gateway, DNS, NTP server;
    • the name of the device in LAN & BLE;
    • IP address & port for UDP broadcasting received BLE packets; multicast, unicast or broadcast for UDP is configured automatically depend on IP address;
    • user password;
    • admin password;

Power supply:

  • micro USB or micro USB SMA version:
    • 5V micro USB; 85mA @ 10Mbps; 130mA @ 100Mbps
    • passive POE 6-48V DC; 40mA @ 100 Mbps 24V; 60mA @ 100 Mbps 12V; 120mA @ 100Mbps 6V
  • POE 802.3af or POE 802.3af SMA version:
    • active POE IEEE 802.3af  48V DC ~1W;


  • metal case;
  • dimensions:  81 mm x 38 mm x 22 mm;


  • ratio scan window/scan interval = 1 -> receiving from BLE all the time;
  • remote firmware update using web browser;
  • remote control using TCP/IP telnet connection at port 5500 (the same control features like using WebSocket);
  • LEDs: ethernet LINK i STATUS;
  • HTTP server: 
    • 2,9MB for user  HTTP  pages (www) and 1MB for HTTP system pages (www);
    • WebSocket;
    • max. 2 sockets simultaneously;
  • RJ-45 connector 10Mbps/100Mbps Ethernet, 10BaseT; protocols: ARP, SSDP, UDP, TCP/IP, DHCP, SNTP, HTTP;
  • reset button (restore factory settings);
  • temperature sensor with a resolution of 1 °C;
  • operating temperature: from -20 to 45 °C;
  • humidity: 35-80 % RHG.
  • weight: 45 g;


  • any web browser;
  • built-in  iNode Monitor (JavaScript/WebSocket/HTML5 application);



PDF DocumentInstruction manual for the iNode LAN.

PDF DocumentInstruction manual for the iNode LAN Central.


Apps for ANDROID and WINDOWS. Application iNodeSetup.exe works on Windows with Bluetooth adapter based on chipset CSR8510 or the iNode Serial Transceiver USB, iNode LAN. On Linux the iNode Serial Transceiver USB and/or iNode LAN is needed and e.g. Ubuntu with Wine installed (described in FAQ section).

Current firmware for iNode products is available at our technical support service:
user: inode
without a password

Browser version of iNodeSetup can be downloaded here: iNodeSetup
Works with the iNode LAN on any operating system. Suggested browser: Chrome


  • Asset and goods tracking
  • General purpose datalog
  • HVAC
  • Industry
  • Home Automation
  • Alarm systems


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