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iNode MCU GSM is a device with modifiable functionality, as it works under the control of the microPython ESP32 system - a script interpreter of the microPython programming language (based on Python 3.4). MicroPython is an open source system for the ESP32 SOC chip from Espressif. iNode MCU GSM combines three wireless technologies: GSM, Bluetooth 4.1 and WiFi. For your safety, the microPython firmware is digitally signed and can only be replaced via OTA. A relatively large amount of RAM (over 2 MB) and a file system of approximately 4.7 MB is enough to perform even very complex tasks. The device also contains a built-in hardware watchdog, which significantly increases the reliability of operation, which is so important in maintenance-free operating systems.

The user can write his own scripts in Python and enter them into the device. The iNodePy application serves this purpose. It works in the Chrome or Edge browser environment on Windows, Android or Linux devices. Communication with the iNode MCU GSM is wireless via Bluetooth. The application allows for intuitive access to the internal file system on the device. It is possible to save, delete, download and unpack files and executable scripts can be run. The technical support service offers the user free microPython scripts with various functionalities.



file system service


iNode MQTT Monitor

devices monitoring

These applications work only in Chrome or Edge web browser on different operating systems like Android, Linux and Windows 10.

Technical info:

BT radio parameters:

  • RX/TX:
    • Bluetooth/BLE: 2402-2480 MHz; Sensitivity @30.8% PER: –97 dBm;
    • WiFi: 2412-2472 MHz / 2422-2462 MHz
  • output power(maximum):
    • Bluetooth: 6.72 dBm
    • BLE: 8.23 dBm
    • WiFi: 16.81 dBm (802.11b); 17.60 dBm (802.11g); 18.04 dBm (802.11n20); 17.85 dBm (802.11n40);
  • modulation:
    • Bluetooth: GFSK, π/4-DQPSK, 8DPSK;
    • BLE: GFSK;
    • WiFi: DSSS, OFDM;
  • antenna:
    • external SMA type RP SMA MALE, 2.4 GHz 3dBi;

GSM / GPRS modem:

  • Fibocom G510 GPRS meeting the essential requirements of Annexes 1 and 3 of the RED 2014/53 / EU directive, which is used in accordance with its intended use and manufacturer's instructions:
    • Quad Band 900 / 1800MHz 850 / 1900MHz;
    • Multi-slot class 12 (4 DL slots, 4 UL slots); Max BR DL/UL 85.6 Kbps; Coding Scheme CS1-CS4;Class B;

GSM radio parameters:

  • type SMA FEMALE;
  • the parameters of the recommended antenna:
    • frequency: Quad Band: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
    • gain: 0 dB but not more than 2.5 dBi
    • impedance: 50 Ω
    • VSWR: 1.5:1; in the worst case of 2.5:1


Work parameters:

  • configurable from PC via Bluetooth:
  • WiFi network name and password;
  • Python scripts controlling the operation of the device;
  • MicroPython firmware replacement via OTA (WiFi or GSM);

Power supply:

  • micro USB socket for connecting an external power supply 230V AC/50 Hz / 5V DC 1000mA of double insulation or strengthened;
  • the maximum length of the connection cable: 3 m;


  • metal case;
  • dimensions: 62 mm x 38 mm x 22 mm;


  • LED signaling of modem operation status and script. 900/1800 MHz, 2dBi gain, with male SMA plug;
  • nano SIM card connector;
  • FLASH memory for Python scripts: about 4.7MB;
  • RAM: about 2MB;
  • working temperature: -30 to 65 ° C;
  • humidity: 35-90% RHG;
  • weight: 50 g;


  • Google CHROME: Android OS, Linux, Windows 10;


  • 2.4 GHz external antenna, with RP-SMA connector, 3dBi gain, with female SMA plug;
  • external antenna, GSM, dual band, 900/1800 MHz, 2dBi gain, with male SMA plug;



PDF Document Instruction manual for the iNode MCU GSM.

PHP script for receiving data from iNode MCU GSM - upload.php

PHP script for receiving data from iNode MCU GSM - csv.php


Current firmware for iNode products is available at our technical support service:
user: inode
without a password


  • Communication with the BLE devices
  • Alarm systems
  • Medical: patient monitoring, fall detection
  • Care of older people
  • Home Automation



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